XVK (or 三喜), is an Asian-pop-girl-band-artist-trio of members,
Xuan Ye, Véronique Sunatori and Sara Kay Maston.

On June 13th 2017, the group premiered with their single “Cute Cute Manifesto Manifesto”, which peaked inside the top ten on the pineapple charts.

After releasing their first single, XVK made its major debut on July 22nd 2017 delighting hundreds when they showed up on stage at Toronto’s Big On Bloor festival to perform a surprise concert. For their first television debut, XVK appeared on the Y+XVK=<3 talk show hosted by Tiffany Schofield at renowned Y+ Contemporary, just north east Toronto. Their latest single, ╰(*8:8:8*)╯♡ , was released on May 11th 2018 in correspondence with their touring debut in Cambridge, Ontario.  

The stars of the pop group released a new range of cheeky stickers, buttons, and jewelry as part of their online collection. Though it’s still early days for XVK’s merch line, the sell-out ‘Triple Happiness’ Necklaces have seen their estimated net worth double since last year prompting the band to venture into cryptocurrency — XVKcoin!

XVK disappeared from social media and the spotlight shortly after embarking on a US tour which was kicked off by their infamous 2019 show at New York City’s Flux Factory. Speculation frequently circulated about creative differences or because personal lives got in the way of the music, however, the possibility of playing together again was left open. Inside sources have said that XVK’s hiatus was largely due to the members going solo to focus on individual sponsorship contracts.

In 2021 XVK delighted fans when the band reunited briefly for XVKtv™ Top 10 Ultimate Countdown hosted by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. Although XVK’s future plans remain cryptic, rumours have been circulating that a forthcoming project will mark a time of ecological metamorphosis for the collective.

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