We are happy to announce that the Youth Critics Initiative will be running again in 2022, in partnership with the 26th Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival!

Program Timeline

Poster by Jasmine Gui

Oct 20 (Thurs 7PM – 9PM): Orientation & Hellos!
Oct 22 -23 (Sat-Sun): Reel Asian Industry Bootcamp
Oct 27 (Thurs 7PM – 9PM): Writing Clinic
Nov 3 (Thurs 7PM – 9PM): Festival 101 (Tips & Tricks)
*all programming listed above will be held online

Nov 9 – 10: 26th Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Nov 27: Pitches confirmed with assigned editors 
Dec 10: Draft Outlines due
Mid-January – Mid-March: Full Draft Editing Period
April: Layout
May: Publication in taclanese

Youth Critics has successfully produced three cohorts of writers and we are incredibly proud of the work that our critics have put in to engage, wrestle with and think through art being produced by other members of the communities we claim belonging to.

Critical engagement for us is relational. We have witnessed the impact of critical literacy and community engagement in the ways we nurture nuanced dialogue and creation. Documenting these conversations allows us to build frames to better understand the evolving perspectives in larger socio-cultural atmospheres and movements. Documentation also generates archival material, and a thoughtful genealogy for the Asian Canadian creative community.

If you are interested in applying to YCI4, please send your CV, a short statement of interest (including what you kind of pieces you hope to create, and confirmation that you have the means to do so) and a writing sample / creative review to hello.tacla@gmail.com by end of day October 1st, 2022. (We will accept applications until 4 a.m. on Oct 2.)

All applicants will be notified of their results by end of day, October 7th.

Applicants may choose to produce shorter or long-form writing, comic essays, mixed media pieces, video essays, podcasts and other formats. However, TACLA will not be able to provide equipment to enable these projects to happen. Applicants who choose these formats will need to have the equipment to produce their own pieces.

Questions or any requests for accessibility support with the application process can be sent to hello.tacla@gmail.com!

Past Posters

Youth Critics Initiative 3
Poster by Grayson Lee
Cruel Reflection: Angel’s thesis on destroying the white neon future

Youth Critics Initiative 2
Poster by Özge Dilan Arslan
All Images taken from Toronto Star Archives