by Enna Kim This piece is a page from a 16-page risograph zine titled “Hiding (숨다).” I created to encapsulate my first time travelling to Korea. A traditional Korean mask is used as a visual aid to represent how I felt hidden and out of touch with my Korean culture throughout my trip. I used […]

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LooseLeaf Volume 9

Purchase the print copy of LooseLeaf! Letter from the Editor It turns out that the act of creating, regardless of medium, is always a moment where we enter into a relationship with power. What does it mean to contend with power? How can we know it, name it, dismantle it, reimagine it, come into it, […]

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Ever Becoming: Making Zines As Critically Reflexive Practice

by Sameena Eidoo In 2019, I was presented with the opportunity to teach a course titled, “Anti-Discriminatory Education”, to teacher candidates (TCs), future teachers, whom I had previously taught in an educational research methods course. These TCs were already familiar with my pedagogical approach and receptive to an emphasis on humanizing and decolonizing approaches to […]

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Tofu With Shrimp

by Christine Wu In place of my mother’s kitchen I search for guidanceon the Internet, some other family’s foodsteps. Use only the softest little pillowsof beancurd waiting to absorball the world has to unleash. In my mouth,sharp snap of pink-white flesh, memory of my motherwho ate only tofu, couldn’t afford shrimp for herself,all the best […]

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Have You Eaten?

by Soko Fong Negash In Hong Kong Cantonese, “Have you eaten rice yet?” [sihk jó faahn meih a? 食咗飯未呀?] is a common greeting, the equivalent of “how are you?” in English. It’s a question that can cut through any tension or discomfort, no matter how big or small. It’s simple, really: food is labour, and […]

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