Notice of Disruption by Christopher Dela Cruz is a modified thermal printer mounted on a wall that is activated by a sound sensor, printing in real-time when a new sound enters the realm of silence. It perpetually monitors the sound levels in the space and logs the current time and date of the disturbances. The work […]

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Marks of rupture

By Abby HoEdited by Kelly Lui I recently read a memorable phrase on social media:   “disrupting the pattern, shaking the repetition.”  This phrase guided my ongoing ruminations of Mashal Khan’s work, She Doesn’t Need Your Saving, a film that takes viewers to witness the artist’s intimate exchanges with her mother. Through their relations, we witness […]

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Through the Virtual Aether by Rea Sweets is a live-guided exploration, discussion, and immersive audio experience through Habbo, a pixel art-based virtual world. This project was part of the 2020 Themed Commission Residency, “Remote Realities”, presented by Trinity Square Video & Dames Making Games.  See more of Rea Sweets here Read Joy Xiang’s critical response

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A nod by CDC

By g.a. chishti Edited by Grayson Lee between two: i) silences is sound, ii) sounds is silenceiii) ______________ The conversational interview with Christopher Dela Cruz took place on a Saturday. We were three time zones apart*. Dela Cruz is a person who makes art and is interested in technology. The website for Notice of Disruption, is […]

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The following images are taken from Sameer Farooq’s A Heap of Random Sweepings, a solo exhibition presented at The Koffler Centre of the Arts, Toronto, ON, Canada, curated by: Mona Filip. The exhibition tackles the fraught and violent histories of anthropological and encyclopaedic museum collections, their colonial origins, structures and impulses. See more of Sameer Farooq’s […]

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The violence of white supremacy is not always scorching

By Petrina NgEdited by Melina Mehr The violence of white supremacy is not always scorching, uncontrollable flames – sometimes it’s a glacier, moving beneath our feet, slowly (invisible) but with the monumental force of gravity. This is a violence that shape shifts, and often embodies what we intrinsically consume as beauty, as seduction, and as […]

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Islands I & II

by Cecilia Federizonedited by Jasmine Gui Introduction Articulating my experiences, thoughts and observations about being a racialized Filipina in the Canadian landscape has not been easy. By reading and having provocative conversations during my undergraduate years, I developed a language to speak about it and eventually pursued a Master’s Degree at the University of Toronto […]

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